Meditaciones (2012 – 2017)

Meditaciones I call various works and projects in the field of poetry and video, which develop over the years and repeatedly act as a main thread in my artistic practice. In the video works, I try to visualize lyrical and experimental aspects of the post-capitalistic city. The “flowing modernity”, parallel and superimposed structures, repetition and exclusion-inclusion movements etc., are some of these aspects that I would like to allude visually through the image, montage and sound. The city as a texture or web, which is not meant to be reconized as visual structures from XX century, is often the subject of this meditaciones.

In my paintings, this topic is reflected in my series Teppiche.

La bici

HDV 3:14 min

Idea, camera, edition and direction: Celia Caturelli
Sounddesign: Oliver Siebeck
CaSi Productions, Berlin 2010

La huída

HDV 2:24 min

Idea, camera, edition and direction: Celia Caturelli.
Sounddesign: Oliver Siebeck
Experimental 2011

Meditación 1

HDV, 6:31

Idea, camera, editing and direction: Celia Caturelli
Sound composition: Oliver Siebeck
CaSi production, 2012
A essay on the Hermann Square in Berlin.