Meditaciones sobre los insectos

In this series (work in progress), which I understand as a meditation on insects, I work according to the classical system of Biology. My intense work with paper and ink in the last three years has allowed me to enjoy the concentration, precision and sensitivity that these media demand. As in other projects that I developed during the isolation period of Covid 19, my meditation on insects helps me to address the issue of the equivalence of all forms of life and the idea of nature as a continuous process.

This project is connected to Los insectos y nosotros / Die Insekten  and also to Avalokiteshvara y el campo.

Meditaciones los insectos (work in progress) 2020-2021

Indian Ink on handmade paper
30 x 42 cm

chinese ink / handmade paper
30 x 42 cm

Stammbaum ab Holometabola

Stammbaum bis Holometabola

Diagramm: Maria de los Milagros Siebeck Caturelli