Avalokisteshvara, is a continuation of my conversaciones/Gespräche. In it I understand the figure of Avalokiteshvara – the Bodhisattva of universal compassion in Mahayana Buddhism – as a cultural reference to address the issue of biodiversity and the relationship and interdependence between the human species and insects in particular.

The figure of Avalokiteshvara helps me to express the equivalence of all life forms and to understand the idea of nature as a living, perpetual process.

Related to the theme insects the project is structured from two perspectives, one that sees insects as an indissoluble part of the evolution of our species and thus as a culture, and another that approaches the subject from the problem of representation. At this point I refer to traditional Chinese painting and my approach to the practice of calligraphy. In this project I also work with photography, digital printing and its subsequent intervention by other media. As always and according to my recycling strategy, I use images from previous projects, which get a different meaning and new expression in a new context.

All series are thus linked together.

Avalokiteshvara y el cuerpo | Avalokiteshvara y los insectos | Avalokiteshvara y el campo | Los insectos y nosotros | Nosotros y los insectos

Avalokiteshvara 1

Oil on canvas 175 x 165 cm 2020

Avalokiteshvara 2

Oil on canvas
ca. 3,10 x 6 m