101 Teppiche (2014)

The exhibition 101Teppiche (Installation) at the Shantou University, Shantou China in October 2014 concluded my project Teppiche. For the exhibition I hung my Teppiche (carpets made of paper 40 x 40 cm) following the length of it (2 x 20 m) according to the dimensions of the space.  My video Meditation 1 (made at Hermannplatz, Berlin) was shown as a loop projection andit signifys the place where I live. Towards of this, an installation on the wall of 6 large reed mats , they are typical for the popular culture of Southern China where fruits and fishs are dried under the sun, that correspond to the linear structures of my paper works. And so my 101 Teppiche opened a possibility of dialogue in the difference.

101 Teppiche

Shantou University, China, Oktober 2014.
50 Papierarbeiten (Tusche), Video Projektion, 4 chinesische Rundmatten.

100 Teppiche

Tusche auf Papier
40 x 40 cm
2012 – 2014

101 Teppiche

20 x 21 cm
122 pages
Design by Natalia Göllner